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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

Thanks for taking good care of Jordan over the years and seeing him through his multiple injuries.

– Y. Perkins

Brookwood's Jordan Perkins (3) slides back to the bag in front of Archer first baseman Hunter Cain (23) during Friday's game at Brookwood High School.

Dr. Martin has been my surgeon for almost 15 years! I have incurred numerous sports injuries over my life, and Dr. Martin has always been there to get me back to 100%. Her knowledge and experience continues to provide me with the confidence I need throughout the rehabilitation process. Dr. Martin is extremely caring, and I cannot imagine my adventurous life without her there to repair me! I am now 28 and still very active in sports. Dr. Martin’s expertise has allowed me to continue living like the teenager I will always be, and I am so thankful that she is my doctor.

– Scott E.

Many have asked me why I would travel all the way from Texas to Georgia for a doctor, and once you meet Dr. Martin you can understand why.

I met with 5 different surgeons before we decided on Dr. Martin. What we found in talking to her is that she is honest in what the risk and the rewards are of the procedures she is considering. In addition, she educated us enough to where we felt we were making an informed decision versus just being told what to do.

With my son being 13 at the time, she made him an active participant in the conversation of what his choices were and what he was going to have to do in rehab in order to make the surgery worth the time and effort. He has said over and over to me that she gets it. It is like she knows exactly what I am going through and dealing with from the surgery through all of the physical therapy.

In her willingness to spend the time to educate him, it allowed him to understand what he would gain from the diligence to the surgery follow up and what risks he had in store if he deviated from the program.

I think that one of her best qualities is the manner in which she keeps the patients and parents informed. There is always fear when your child is going into surgery. Not only did Dr. Martin spend the time before the decision of surgery but in addition she took the time immediately before the procedure to visit with both my son and I, then spent an extended period of time educating me after his surgery of what she saw when she was in there and what to expect as the first 24 hours progressed.

I am ever grateful in finding Dr. Martin, I believe she is one of the few doctors that treats each patient as though they were her own child.

– Wendy K.

Dr. Martin is truly an exceptional surgeon and conscientious doctor. She is also very accurate with her diagnosis. She has a heart for children and a drive to help children return to and stay at their full physical health.

When Dr. Martin did surgery on our daughter, it was very late in the day due to our daughter being fitted into the surgery schedule. What had impressed us so much that day and still does today was that she took the time to sit down and talk with us. After she explained the surgery, she let us ask question after question and not until we were comfortable and had covered everything did she leave.

Dr. Martin had a clear picture of our daughter before she went into surgery; we had a clear picture of the dedication and compassion Dr. Martin has for her patients and their family after the surgery.

Despite the severity of our daughter’s injury, she has gone on to earn a full athletic scholarship in gymnastics to a Division I school. Since that time, [Dr. Martin] has seen two more of our children. Dr. Martin has been considerate towards them no matter what the injury and has a respect for their ability to be a part of the discussion of the injury and what it will take to heal.

One of the things I really like about Dr. Martin is that her goal for my child is to heal completely so that the injury does not magnify into a more severe problem and that the course of treatment chosen has a positive outcome not only for their immediate future but for my children’s adult lives as well. Quote from one of my children – “We love you Dr. Martin.”

– Cheryl D.

Excellence deserves recognition. Excellent describes the caliber of care that my family and all those who I have referred to Dr. Martin have received. She has certainly had plenty of opportunity for practice with my daughter, Kristen, as she has suffered numerous injuries.

What sets Dr. Martin apart from others is her passion for her patients and the personal care and attention that she devotes toward all – the relationship piece that is often missing from other practices. The common response from friends who have also seen Dr. Martin is their appreciation for the genuine approach to patient care that Dr. Martin offers.

We do not only have the best in orthopedic surgeons but have also gained a caring friend. As an occupational therapist I have both professional and personal respect for the quality of Dr. Martin’s work. I would highly recommend her to children or adults!

– Jenene C.

I have seen Dr. Martin for many, many years. As a person with Ehlers-Danlos, I have had multiple fractures, dislocations, and sprains. As a multi-sport athlete, I believe I have the best of the best doctors with Dr. Martin. She takes a personal interest in her patients and even showed up to my soccer games!

I am now 17, graduating from high school, and looking forward to sports at the University level. I have recommended Dr. Martin to many of my friends and they, too, have received wonderful care. Dr. Martin is funny, caring, thoughtful, invested in the lives of her patients and is a brilliant orthopedist. I would recommend her to anyone!

– Kristen C.

After I hurt my left knee skiing, I focused on two things when choosing my doctor: I wanted to be seen by a doctor's doctor – a surgeon who was really at the top of their game – and I wanted someone who understood that this 40-year-old lady still wanted to perform at her peak after treatment.

Everyone I spoke to recommended Dr. Stephanie Martin. I called her office and was seen the next day. Dr. Martin was extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and she answered all my questions (and I had a lot of them)! Despite having cutting-edge technology and surgical procedures at her disposal, she saved me from an unnecessary operation on my knee. Three months later, I was back on the slopes. Thank you, Stephanie!

– Deb S.

I came to Dr. Stephanie Martin as a scared teenager with a torn ACL. I instantly felt a connection to Dr. Martin, a former athlete herself. She truly understood my commitment to quickly returning to soccer as healthy as I was before my injury. After leaving Dr. Martin’s care I went on to play college soccer in Tennessee. Dr. Martin attended every game I played in Atlanta as one of my biggest fans.

– Audrey J.

As the mother of an athletic teen who suffered a knee injury last year [2010], I am very appreciative of Dr. Martin's expertise and care. Not only is she a well-respected orthopaedic surgeon, but she also is a mother. She has shown my son compassion and understanding while being thorough and direct in her diagnosis and post-operative care.

I know that my questions will be answered and that she will take as long as necessary to examine, prescribe and follow-up with the appropriate treatment. She is accessible and truly offers great care for her young patients, because that is exactly how she would want her own children treated. I recommend Dr. Martin to everyone.

– Debbie D.

As a former college gymnast, injuries were the norm. Dr. Martin has been my orthopedist since I was eight years old and began my gymnastics career. I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. Her kindness, understanding and sports knowledge helped to get me back in the gym quickly and safely.

– Dana W.

Dr. Martin has shepherded my daughter through two knee surgeries and the lengthy recovery processes that followed both of them, starting in 2008. What makes her unique as a surgeon is her understanding and interest in the emotional side of my daughter's experience.

Stephanie never appeared rushed when she met with us. She took the time to help my daughter anticipate the upcoming physical and emotional stages of her recovery, which helped her recover quicker and more fully. She helped to take a lot of the fear out of the whole ordeal for my daughter, which really helped the whole family.

– Liz N.

After our twelve year old daughter tore her ACL, we researched extensively for the right surgeon. Dr. Martin's medical knowledge, cautious approach and genuine concern gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with surgery. With her guidance, we feel that we were able to make the best choice for our skeletally immature child and know that when she returns to the soccer field that her knee will be stronger than before!

When I asked [our daughter] "What would you want someone else with an ACL tear to know about Dr. Martin?" she immediately replied, “[Dr. Martin]

  • Is funny and easy to talk to
  • Made me feel relaxed and comfortable during a scary time
  • Just like she promised, the IV didn't even hurt!”

– Maggie D.

Being the mother of two very active girls, I have called on Dr. Martin several times in the past to tend to their broken bones. I had no idea that I would need her myself. However, being a victim of the ice storm of '11, I was ever grateful to Dr. Martin for her experience in tending to "older" broken bones as well.

Dr. Martin's vast experience helped me through my recovery and rehabilitation. It is a reassuring feeling to know that anyone in my family, myself included, can receive excellent care with one call. I don't plan on more broken bones and pulled muscles, but with a soccer player, a horse rider, and an accident-prone mom in the family, I'm glad to know that Dr. Martin is available for us all.

– Tammy P.

In the fall of 2009, my daughter, Sydnie, suffered a partial tear in the ACL of her right knee. The doctor who examined Sydnie said it could be rehabbed. In 2010, Sydnie tore the ACL in her left knee. After three different doctors that said Sydnie was too young for ACL surgery, we finally found Dr. Martin. Due to Dr. Martin’s attention and excellent care, Sydnie will be able to participate in sports again this fall.

– Steve H.

Dr. Martin is the best. When I broke my leg playing roller hockey, she got me back playing sports in no time. I am now running faster than I ever was before! Thanks Dr. Martin!

– Thomas H.

Just this past week my team won state cup. Thanks for all the help with my hip and other injuries. Due to your advice and help I was able to keep my hip under control and play the majority of all five games. I never got to the point where I became too frustrated about my injury, it was always manageable because of your help. Thank you for all the help!

– Eli P.

Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine
Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

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“Dr. Martin is the best. When I broke my leg playing roller hockey, she got me back playing sports in no time.”

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