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I am so thrilled with my new body! I've known Dr. Martin and her team for over 10 years as a pediatric orthopedist and sports medicine physician. So I already knew her attention to detail and level of care provided. Even still, I was absolutely stunned by her commitment of service to listen to MY NEEDS and to advise me as to what was realistic and attainable. I really appreciate her candor because it wasn't a sales pitch; it was a true assessment of what she and her team could do for me. The idea that she could clean up my "problem areas", meaning the stuff that really irks me when I look in the mirror was so compelling, I had to give it a try.

As a fifty year-old mother of two, my fitness level and body composition has varied over the years which has depended on family needs and personal goals as time dictated. I'd grown accustomed to some flab and rolls that I could pinch around my hips, thighs and bra line, telling myself that I looked pretty good considering I wasn't starving myself to reach some ridiculous goal. When Dr. Martin told me that she could sculpt my problem areas away, I had very low expectations but decided that I could try and area or two to see how it worked. Well, what was initially 4 areas became 10 because CoolSculpting works!! I'll admit that it took about 4-6 weeks to see an affect, but after that, it's like the fat has melted away. It still seems to good to be true.

Dr. Martin and Kie made great efforts to make sure that I was comfortable during the process and took exceptional care to create the perfect "sculpt". I wish I could provide some bits of their conversations here when they were discussing sculpting placement to get the look I was asking for. I've never seen such attention to detail and enthusiasm to get it just right. It's so refreshing to have a doctor and her team take such pride in their outcomes. While I can't speak to other people's experiences with CoolSculpting, I do believe that having a doctor evaluate and oversee the procedure, has a lot to do with a person's success. The discussions revolved around maximum fat burning around specific muscle groups, something I really appreciated as I wanted the most value for area treated. I'm not sure that other cosmetic places could have thought this through in the same way. 

Now I can concentrate on getting in a good workout without thinking about whether I have hit all my problem areas for the day. And I can wear clingy clothes more hiding buldges! Thanks so much for all you have done to reinvigorate this mom.

Debra S.

As an active, sports-,minded person, I've always felt that my physique was something I was entirely responsible for; just work hard enough and you'll get the result you crave. Maybe that's theoretically true, but even at peak fitness, I've struggled to eliminate a couple of stubborn fatty areas. That's as true today as it was when I worked as a bike messenger during summers, cycling 50 miles a day.

I was delighted to learn that CoolSculpting is designed for the kinds of targeted physique optimization I was after; that stubborn little roll of fat around the middle and along the inner thighs. It mattered to me that Dr. Martin approaches her work with a background in sports medicine and performance optimization. Her ability to discuss treatment in the broader framework of what I was trying to achieve in athletic performance gave me the confidence that I was receiving the right advice and making the right choices.

And I could not have been more pleased with the level of care and service provided during treatment. Kie was with me every step of the way, ensuring that the process was comfortable and even fun. I was surprised by how quick and dramatic the results were. After literally decades of trying to work away those trouble areas, they've just vanished! It's great to look better-but, for me, it's even more satisfying to feel that, in my workouts. I'm now entirely focused on my performance goals, instead of a futile struggle against a stubborn roll of fat!


The staff at Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine were professional and patient - working to make the CoolSculpting experience easy and comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone interested in CoolSculpting!

Sue B.

I had been considering CoolSculpting for some time and set up a consult with Performance Orthopaedics. Despite eating healthy and exercising regularly I could never get rid of my "muffin top" after having 2 children. I felt confident that Performance Orthopaedics was the right place to have CoolSculpting done since it's being overseen by a board certified surgeon, Dr. Martin.

Kie made me feel very comfortable at my consult, showed me the areas that could be treated and how many treatments to expect to achieve the results I wanted. I had been annoyed previously when researching the costs that no one would give me a quote over the phone. At the consult I could understand why. I assumed that I would only need 2 treatment areas to get the results I wanted, but in reality my flanks would take 2 treatments each. There is no way they could have told me this without seeing me and using the tools and expertise to measure my body in person. Plus they offered a discount since I decided to treat multiple areas, both my tummy and flanks!

During the treatment Kie made me feel very comfortable. It felt kind of odd at first, no pain, just cold and weird. I relaxed during each treatment, working and watching Netflix. About 3 weeks after my 1st treatment I started noticing a difference in my tummy. Now 8 weeks after my 1st treatment I can notice a huge difference in both my tummy and flanks. I felt confident enough to wear a bikini again on my recent family vacation to Michigan!

Sara R.

After an informative appointment with Dr. Martin, I was excited and very hopeful that I would have great results from the CoolSculpt treatment. I saw before and after photos while Dr. Martin answered my questions. Without any pressure, she made a personalized treatment plan based on my concerns. I started with the area under my chin, which has bothered me more and more over the last few years. 

During the treatment, I was surprised at how easy it was and with no downtime afterward, I continued with my day as usual. I am typically sensitive to pain and was concerned that I might not do well with the process. But honestly, I only experienced mild discomfort and both Kie and Dr. Martin made every effort to make sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure.

 After just two weeks, I couldn't believe the difference. After four weeks, I couldn't believe how smooth and clean my jawline looked. My husband commented that I looked like I did when we met 20 years ago. Before coming to Dr. Martin, I thought I would have to resort to a more invasive procedure to get the kind of amazing results I received from CoolSculpting. Of course I am planning to have another area on my body treated!


I'd heard about CoolSculpting through my dermatologist. However, Kie & Dr. Martin began the procedure. I went to a presentation with my dermatologist office, as Dr. Martin had suggested to see and compare. Don't ask about the disaster and loss of money at the dermatologist due to lack of thoroughness and misleading information. 

At Dr. Martin's office I worked with Kie, the CoolSculpt Lead. She did  the initial evaluation for me and then Dr. Martin reviewed it. We discussed what I would describe as the "critical" areas. They explained everything from that day, to 3 months later. Both Kie and Dr. Martin agreed on my "critical" areas. They showed me how they would focus on specific placements on areas that would show the best results after treatment. I decided to take the plunge.

I came for 3 appointments and I have to say they were actually fun, due to Kie's personality. She removed any fear I had regarding the treatment; including what happens that day, what to expect afterwards, and told me what was best to aid in the success of each treatment. Kie, put me at ease immediately! Everything, at each treatment was handled with knowledge and professionalism. The time passed quickly and I looked forward to coming to my next visit. 

I first came back for my 6 week check thinking that there was no change. Boy was I wrong! Of course I expected immediate results but remembered that it is at the 3 month point were you begin to see the most reduction. So just knowing that in 6 weeks I was already more reduced then I initially thought, made me even more excited for my next visit. 

I cannot rave enough about the CoolSculpting treatment; and I would give 5 stars to Kie, for making everything smooth and easy. When Dr. Martin showed me the before and after treatment pictures it gave me so much hope. I did this for me, for my self image & self esteem. They have both improved after seeing the first picture comparison!

Dr. Martin and Kie, receive 5 stars***** for every aspect of the CoolSculpting experience. I highly recommend going to them if you want the best!

Deb B.

Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine
Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Performance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

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